Disability Alliance of Voluntary Organisations is an information sharing platform of voluntary organisations involved in providing services to persons with disabilities. The DAVO also insists on bringing service providers together from time to time to know about current trends in disability services, initiatives of Governments and international organisations to empower persons with disabilities.

How to get involved with DAVO?

It is simple. Provide profiles of your institution to the UDIS Forum (udis@vsnl.net) which will post the information on the website www.davo.in There is a screening committee consisting of representatives of NGOs and the UDIS Forum to present the content in a specified format on the website.

What information may be posted on the DAVO website?

The profile of the institution may include the following:

  • History of the institute
  • Geographical coverage of the institute
  • Disability specialisation
  • Achievements of the institutes in the last two years
  • Nature of service (school education, vocational education, teacher preparation, etc.)
  • Innovative practices of the institute
  • In what areas the institute can offer technical support to others?
  • Present needs of the institute
  • Number of beneficiaries
  • Contact address with telephone and e-mail.

By providing telephone and e-mail contacts of your institution, you are helping other organisations to contact you directly in case of any assistance.

What additional Information will be posted on DAVO?

Besides profiles of institutions serving disability, the following information will also be posted on the website and provided links on the homepage.

  • Current developments in disability welfare
  • Job opportunities in the disability sector
  • Government initiatives