UDIS Forum

UDIS Forum is a network of parents, persons with disabilities, professionals, and voluntary organisations for facilitating employment and empowerment of persons with disabilities.

What is ADIS?

  • One of the main objectives of the UDIS Forum is to empower persons with disabilities and therefore, it will collaborate with disability movements and organisations to promote issues aimed at ensuring rights.
  • The Forum will collaborate with other advocacy organisations interested in disability issues to develop advocacy literature to help the society understand the capabilities of persons with disabilities.
  • It will work with like-minded organisations to organize rallies to mark important days such as the world disabled day, white cane day, etc., and also participate in programmes dealing with child protection issues, reservation for persons with disabilities, etc.
  • It will also take active part in awareness programmes on disability issues organised by Governments and other organisations.
  • The Forum will work with the social work departments of colleges and social service units of schools to organize camps to identify persons with disabilities.

In short, the Forum will actively collaborate with disability movements and social organisations to raise disability issues and also organize programmes to create awareness about the capabilities of persons with disabilities. Do you want to become an advocate for persons with disabilities, contact the UDIS Forum.