UDIS Forum

UDIS Forum is a network of parents, persons with disabilities, professionals, and voluntary organisations for facilitating employment and empowerment of persons with disabilities.

What is TENNGO?

The TENNGO adopts the following two models:

Training to enhance employability:

Employers do not consider educational qualifications alone for employment. They expect skills in individuals, which might not have been taught during the formal training. For example, effective communication skills, expertise in information and communication technology, mobility skills, use of assistive devices, ability to work in team, writing skills, etc., enhance the employability of persons with disabilities when they have requisite qualifications prescribed for the jobs. Many disabled individuals look for these training activities. The UDIS Forum, after making assessment of the training needs of disabled persons, will contact institutions which have specialization in the above areas and request them to organize need-based courses to develop the skills of these individuals. The Forum will also try to sponsor such training if the institute concerned is not able to meet the expenses on its own. Once necessary training is provided, the Forum will place the disabled individual in appropriate employment avenues. The UDIS Forum believes that by making optimum use of the resources available in the existing institutions, more persons with disabilities can be served.

Instituting vocational units to facilitate employment:

Some organisations are interested in instituting vocational units for persons with disabilities to facilitate their selfemployment or formation of self-help groups but seeking technical help from external sources. The UDIS Forum will provide technical assistance for the setting-up of such vocational units and offer appropriate training leading to potential employment. In some cases, the training-cum-placement component may be a partnership activity of the organisation and the UDIS Forum. In case of partnership, the UDIS Forum will identify candidates for training and also share the training cost with the implementing organisation. UDIS Forum hopes that more organisations in the future will come forward to start vocational units and institute training activities leading to employment of persons with disabilities.

Let us work together to help more people with disabilities