What is UDIS Forum?

The UDIS Forum is a network of parents, persons with disabilities, professionals and voluntary organizations for facilitating employment and empowerment of persons with disabilities. The description of UDIS is "You and the Disabled" and also "Understand Disability". The Forum believes that YOU as an individual, group of people, industries, corporate houses, etc., can light the lives of people with disabilities by using their skills. The Forum also invites the youth of the country to learn about disability management to create positive awareness about persons with disability in the society. The Forum will provide systematic training to young students of schools and colleges in the country and make them "UDIS Volunteers."

The vision of the Forum is that innate potential of persons with disabilities should be manifested through skills and their personality development. Majority of the board of directors of the UDIS Forum are young persons with disabilities who are role models to the society. The Forum networks with existing organisations and disability movements in the country to promote employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. Professionals and full-time UDIS Representatives are available for providing the required training.

Schemes of UDIS Forum