UDIS Forum

UDIS Forum is a network of parents, persons with disabilities, professionals, and voluntary organisations for facilitating employment and empowerment of persons with disabilities.

What is DPOC?

  • Corporate houses are outsourcing many jobs to individuals and/or to organisations. Retail vending units, call centres, etc., are some examples. Disabled persons too can perform many such jobs.
  • The UDIS Forum will contact corporate houses to explore the possibilities of outsourcing such works to disabled persons either to create self-employment or to promote self-help group activities.
  • When the corporate houses are willing to provide work to persons with disabilities, the UDIS Forum will contact Disabled Peoples' Organisations to get them involved in such partnership activities.
  • A joint meeting of the corporate houses and the Disabled Peoples' Organisation concerned will be arranged at the initiative of the UDIS Forum to discuss the modus operandi of the activities and Terms of Reference. If needed a Memorandum of Understanding may be signed by the corporate house and the DPO. The UDIS Forum will just serve as a bridge in this process.
  • The Forum will organize preparatory as well as on-the job training for the candidates of the DPOs to successfully perform the job. It will also follow-up once the activities are underway and provide periodic feedback to the corporate houses about modifications in work procedures, if any and also continue to build the capacities of DPOs.

If you are part of a corporate house interested in providing employment opportunities to persons with disabilities, we are there to facilitate .....

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