About Employment Guidance Programme


UDIS Forum is a network of parents, persons with disabilities, professionals, and voluntary organisations for facilitating employment and empowerment of persons with disabilities. The main objective of the Forum is to identify jobs for persons with disabilities and also organise training leading to employment. The EGP is implemented in close collaboration with the Employment Exchanges which have the similar objective of facilitating employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

How does EGP work?

  • The UDIS Forum has a full-time representatives to work for the EGP.
  • The first task of the EGP is to prepare profiles of persons with disabilities who are in need of employment. The profiles will be gathered from two kinds of persons with disabilities - those who have registered with the employment exchange and those who have not registered at all due to lack of educational qualifications, lack of awareness, etc.
  • The data will be shared with the employment exchanges and Industrial houses, which are showing interest in providing employment opportunities to persons with disabilities to plan placement services.
  • The representatives will also collect information from paper advertisements of companies which are in need of people for employment and contact them with a request to appoint persons with disabilities.
  • The representatives will also visit industries from time to time to identify jobs that can be performed by persons with disabilities.
  • In the meantime, the training needs of persons with disabilities will be assessed and the UDIS Forum will contact existing institutes involved in disability services to arrange specific skill-training. If needed, the UDIS Forum will also organise training activities directly.
  • The UDIS Forum will also contact individual persons with disabilities in different regions of the districts who have aptitude and ability to create employment opportunities and work with them to strengthen services locally.
  • The Forum will provide guidance to all persons with disabilities on what types of jobs are available, where to contact, what types of training facilities are available, what banks assist persons with disabilities for self-employment, government schemes available for them, etc.
  • The UDIS Forum representatives will also follow-up with the clients and industries once placement is made.
  • The highest priority of the UDIS Forum at the moment is identification of employment and organising training.
  • The Forum works closely with Parents' Organisations too in creating employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.
  • The Forum will not provide loans directly but it will help persons with disabilities and self-help groups the procedures of obtaining loan from banks and also offer training if required to qualify for availing loans.
  • When disabled persons produce products through self-help groups, the UDIS Forum will help them in marketing those.
  • The UDIS Forum will contact the clients from time to time and apprise them about employment opportunities.
  • The Forum will also enlist the support of volunteers to promote employment opportunities.